Our Mission

Our mission is to help enable more Muslim girls & women to be physically active and participate in sports, while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs.

Sports participation helps build lifelong leadership skills and self-confidence. In fact, one survey reports that 94% of women executives participated in sports

Yet, it's believed that Muslim girls participate in sports at half the rate of their peers.

We want all girls to have the opportunity to establish healthy lifestyles and to build a foundation for future success.


Our Beliefs:

We Believe In ModestyClothing can represent your beliefs and who you are as a person.

We Believe In FreedomClothing should enable your endeavors, not be a barrier.

We Believe In The Power Of SportParticipation in sports helps set girls up for success as students, community members, and future leaders.

Join us in celebrating diversity, practicing inclusion in our athletic programs, and empowering Muslim females to live their best lives out loud.