Our mission is to help enable more Muslim girls & women to be physically active and participate in sports, while upholding their religious and cultural beliefs.

ASIYA honors and encourages Muslim women of all ages—young girls, tweens, teens, mature women—to experience a new level of confidence, cultural integrity, comfort, and health.

Sports participation helps build lifelong leadership skills and self-confidence. In fact, one survey reports that 94% of women executives participated in sports. We want all girls to have the opportunity to establish healthy lifestyles and to build a foundation for future success.


We Believe In ModestyClothing can represent your beliefs and who you are as a person.

We Believe In FreedomClothing should enable your endeavors, not be a barrier.

We Believe In The Power Of SportParticipation in sports helps set girls up for success as students, community members, and future leaders.

Today we are in the midst of a worldwide dialogue focused upon topics like immigration, racial equality, what women should and shouldn’t do or wear. The over arching question for our brand is how can we best honor freedom of expression and inclusion for Muslim woman. At the same time this dialogue swirls, amazing Muslim female athlete role models are emerging as international sports organizations are lifting their bans on headwear to allow Muslim women to compete in the hijab.

At the 2016 Olympics we saw the first-ever US Olympian compete in a hijab, Bronze medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad (who reportedly chose to pursue fencing because the helmet covered her hair and neck) is an inspiring role model.  ASIYA wants to join these amazing athletes as champions of inclusion and empowerment.

 As an apparel brand, it is also very important to us to support humane manufacturing processes -- our activewear is proud to be Made in the U.S.A.