How do I put on the inner-headband in ASIYA Fit or ASIYA Lite?

Check out our tutorial here!

What style should be worn for different sports?

Our different styles were designed based on different style and comfort preferences.  However, we do have some recommendations depending on your type of activity!

For team sports that involve contact with other players (such as basketball or soccer), we recommend ASIYA Sport or ASIYA Lite -- as these are designed without any excess fabric that could get grabbed or snagged.  The fabric at the neck of ASIYA Sport is intended to be tucked in to the uniform top, to be out of the way.

For other sports or physical fitness, any of the hijabs would work great.  ASIYA Fit is looser around the neck, and has more fabric -- intended for added modesty over the chest.  ASIYA Fit is very comfortable for individual workouts. It is doesn’t look like sport hijab so you can keep wearing it after the workout, if you don’t want to change right after the gym.

For yoga, we recommend ASIYA Sport or ASIYA Lite -- as they should stay in place even if you go in to an inverted position.

Where are you from?

ASIYA is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Our fabric mill and sewing manufacturing facilities are also based in the U.S. -- we are 100% Made in USA.

Why are your sports hijabs more expensive than traditional scarves?

Our sports hijabs are made with ASIYA®Cool Tech Fabric, for top sports performance.  This specialty fabric is more expensive than traditional scarf materials.  We are also proud to be Made in the USA, meaning we pay fair labor prices for the work to sew our products.