Meet ASIYA Athlete: Khadijah Diggs

Khadijah is going the distance. Both in her racing, and in leading the way for Muslim athletes everywhere. She is the only Muslimah member of the US Triathlon Team, and the first and only African American woman to be on the US Long Course Triathlon Team.

On the heals of races in Dubai, Havana, Florida USA and Denmark, she has qualified for and will be competing in BOTH US short course and long course National Championships and the IronMan 70.3 World Championships in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa. And will be racing one of the most popular IronMan events in the world -- the IronMan 140.6 Arizona. That's right, 140.6 miles of racing, WOW!

Khadijah has struggled over the past four years to find modest activewear that is approved for competition. She was sewing her own sports hijabs until she discovered ASIYA hijabs, which she now wears exclusively.

She shared with us that she believes that "ASIYA hijabs are bar none the best in the business for a Muslimah endurance athlete. I compete in ASIYA Sport and wear ASIYA Fit for pre and post race."

Khadijah started running at age 9, and credits her father for being her coach through high school. "He would work all day and STILL make time to prepare training plans for me, take me to the track or follow me on the road by bike or car. Sometimes we would have to train at night. I think this prepared me for some of the lonely nights of training as an endurance Triathlete."

Which athletes inspire her? "LeBron James is my favorite athlete currently. He uses his platform as a highly visible athlete to promote change, protest issues in the community and make a difference in the lives of others. However, my favorite athletes of all time are Javier Sotomayor, the Cuban high jumper and current World Record holder because so many doubted his ability to even compete on the international level and not only did he compete he was the GREATEST. You can see his passion in every jump. Also like so many around the world, Muhammad Ali. Once again they doubted him but he believed . In my triathlon career it has been the same. I was told I started too late, I didn't come from a swim, bike, or endurance run background, I am Black and "we just don't do that " and I am Muslim and can never be fast while covered. My ultimate athletic goal for triathlon is to win both a National and World Age Group title. I plan to continue to believe and work like Javier and Muhammad and give back in my own way like LeBron."

Here at ASIYA, we are completely inspired by Khadijah's success as a triathlete, and proud to have her as part of our team of ASIYA Athletes. She's an amazing role model for aspiring Muslim athletes everywhere!

To learn more about the ASIYA Athlete Program or to apply, visit https://www.asiyasport.com/pages/asiya-athlete