Meet ASIYA Athlete: Fatema M.

Fatema's passion for boxing is vivid: "I love boxing like it’s my middle name," she told us.

Why? "I love the adrenaline running in me when am in the ring sparring. It’s amazing what your body can do when your mind sets itself towards it. I love boxing because it’s not just a physical workout but it’s also a mental one."

Fatema is sparing not just for a good workout, but because she is proud to be a Muslim athlete.

She explained, "I am blessed to be able to play a sport while practicing my religion. I am very proud to be able to represent my faith in my arena."

But it definitely has not been easy. "I had so many challenges as a boxer while practicing my religion-- first and foremost is with my hijab and dressing modestly. It’s hard to workout with hijab, it’s hard to run 5 miles in the heat with something covering your head and long sleeve covering your arms."

Fatema has inspired us, however, by her resolve and commitment to herself and her sport.  "I’ve struggled in the beginning so much that I’ve only become stronger through the pain and the sweat. I worked harder than others, I put in more effort than others," she said.

"I have had very hard times but I have never gave up and never will, because I am proud to be a Muslim athlete representing our women in hijab, showing the world that WE ARE CAPABLE OF DOING ANYTHING WE DREAM OF."

It is of no suprise that when asked what athlete she admires most, she told us, "I admire Mohammed Ali. He was a legend and people knew him for his skills and faith. And that’s how I would like to be remembered, my faith first and my skills and let the numbers prove everybody wrong."

We couldn't be more proud to welcome Fatema to our ASIYA Athlete team. Keep up the great work, Fatema!