Meet ASIYA Athlete: Farida E.

Farida has been playing basketball since age 7, and has made it on to the national team for her home-country, Egypt.  Along with her love for hoops, she is also an avid runner, swims, and plays volleyball and table tennis as hobbies.

Now 17 years old, Farida is motivated "To show the world hijabis are capable of doing so much!"  She shared, "I love playing with my hijab on court where no-one wears it, so when people point out a hijabi girl they know that her islam didn't limit her of doing any of this."

Yes, yes, yes!  We love her mentality.

Farida also shared that early on she was given a hard time for being a blonde girl choosing to wear hijab. "As if me being blonde would prevent me from wearing hijab-- it actually encouraged me to keep wearing it to show the world that different races and colors can still wear hijab."

And similarly, she would feel uncomfortable when people would point out that she wasn't wearing shorts just like her teammates.  Farida took this in stride, and it actually brought clarity around what she should be wearing and why. "Hijabs should be role-models of Islam, and this is what keeps me going. When Allah starts using me to rectify miss-conceptions about hijabis all around the world."

Manal Rostom is the Muslim athlete who inspires her most. "She's always been my ultimate role-model and she's one of the main reasons how I survive my hijab. I even use her audio guided-run to help and encourage me run. She has climbed many mountains with her hijab, she runs marathons, and still make me feel so proud being a hijabi!"

We are excited to welcome Farida to our team of ASIYA Athletes! Thanks for inspiring Muslim girls to play sports and be active!