Meet ASIYA Athlete: Taj L.

Taj started running in 2012, and hasn't stopped pushing herself since then! Now an avid weightlifter, she inspires everyone around her to work harder.  In fact, she co-founded a running group in her hometown in 2013 called "Muslimahs on the Run," with the mission of unifying Muslim women through the sport of running. 

Continuing to challenge herself, she learned how to swim and bike over this past winter, she is currently training for her first triathlon!



When asked about how she feels about being a Muslim athlete, she shared, "My feelings on being a Muslim and athlete can be summed up into one word "empowered" . I am grateful to represent my religion, and maintain my modesty while doing whatever sport I choose without restrictions. It automatically earns the respects of others and destroys some of the myths behind Muslim women being active. What's allowed me to overcome any challenges is remaining authentic and unapologetic. I find that when I stay true to myself I don't have problems with others, thus allowing me to go further in any endeavor I take upon myself."

Taj often wears a Superman shirt to the gym, which we think is rather appropriate!  She also told us that she believes that "ASIYA sports hijabs are revolutionary and match the needs of athletic Muslim women of today."

And just as much as we are inspired by everything Taj is doing to both be her best self through sport and be a role model for others, she is grateful for other Muslim athletes out there making names for themselves.  "I greatly admire Ibtihaj Muhammad and Khadijah Diggs because they are black, Muslim women, who have broken glass ceilings from fencing to triathlons --winning medals along the way. Their dedication, and strength to continue what they do, opens more doors for other Muslim women to venture out into various sports."

Thanks for rocking it everyday, Taj!  We are proud to have you on the ASIYA Athlete team!