Meet ASIYA Athlete: Dania A.

Dania has become accustomed to being "that girl."  


When running cross country for her college team, she would hear comments after races about "that girl". "I was "that girl" that was covered but yet ran fast. And the reality is, I want to be "that girl" that young hijabis look up to in sports."

Dania grew up playing sports, such as soccer and basketball, but running has become her passion focus in recent years. 

She ran cross country for her college team this past year.  In the small, white dominant college town, Dania was the first and only hijabi on the college athletic teams.

"I ran and represented my school at cross country tournaments not only because I love running and find it therapeutic, but also to let out a message that hijabis are capable of doing so."

What does she love so much about running? "It is the feeling of just running and not having a care for the duration of the run that I absolutely love and keeps me going. Running outside in the streets is therapeutic to me. I love that anyone can run as you do not need any special equipment to do so."


And when asked which athletes she admired most, she shared, "There are a lot of Muslim athletes that I admire but one of my favourites is Yasamin (@yazfitpt) as she is one of the sweetest athletes on Instagram. She is self driven and motivational. Her inspiring posts and instagram stories have helped me so much. I now wake up early to workout and totally understand why she loves it too!"

Run, Dania, run!  We are cheering you on and excited to have you on our team of ASIYA Athletes!