Meet ASIYA Athlete: Amna M.

Amna started playing basketball at age 4, and it quickly became her passion. She fell in love with the intensity, the feeling of achieving a goal (even the small ones), the competitiveness, and the relationships with her teammates.

“I learned so much from my high school coach, who taught me, among many things, the importance of turning the team in to a family,” said Amna. “She always encouraged me to play with all my potential.”

Amna’s athleticism spans to other sports as well -- she played volleyball and softball in high school.

When asked about what it’s like to be a Muslim athlete, wearing a hijab, she shared, “I feel like I can do whatever I’m passionate about regardless of what others think. I also take pride in knowing I’m a role model for younger girls interested in playing but are afraid of picking up the ball because they feel like other people's opinions hold them back. Every time I face a challenge, I remember that I’m doing what I love and it pushes me to work harder.”


Amna is grateful for pioneers like Ibtihaj Muhammad, who has shown the world that “it’s not about who you are or what you wear, it’s about your skill.”

Our ASIYA family is excited to celebrate Amna as the athlete she is, and the role model she has become for young aspiring Muslim athletes. Thank you Amna for being YOU and never hesitating to #PlayProud!