Meet ASIYA Athlete: Ameenah B.

Ameenah has been playing softball since she was 10 years old.  Now 16, she is competing on travelling teams and for her school--with hopes and dreams to go and play college ball.

"I love the game. The atmosphere on the field and the adrenaline just gives me a rush. Like most sports, it’s one that can help me in life -- learning how to be a leader, and learning how to work with others to get to a goal is helpful as well as fun."

As a Muslim athlete, she has become accustomed to looking different than her teams. "I feel as though I'm being looked at through a magnifying glass.  Where I live and where I play, there aren’t that many Muslim women participating in sports.  Given that, people give me strange looks and often question my ability and skill.  As frustrating as it is, to get over their opinions, I just remember who I am and remember that I am a confident Muslim woman who is determined to reach the D1 level in college. I play hard and eventually the on-lookers realize that I am there to play the game and it is something that I do well."

What does she think about ASIYA?  "I feel like ASIYA sports hijabs are comfortable, well fitted, and they give good coverage. The message that ASIYA sends will help build confidence not only in Muslim athletes today, but also in Muslim women who are too afraid to play."

Ameenah is grateful for the support she has received from her coaches. "My favorite coach is a woman named Arlyn Landow. Playing for her team, being the oldest, I immediately became a leader that my teammates looked up to. Coach Landow has helped me in every way possible, from how to play the game to life skills. She is a great woman who has dedicated much time into making sure that my team and i succeed and i am grateful for her."

When asked about an athlete she admires, she shared, "I don’t know many Muslim athletes, but an athlete I do admire is Lauren Chamberlain. Although she isn’t Muslim, she gained confidence in herself and her body through softball. I admire her for being confident and wanting to spread her confidence all over to those who aren’t. When I find myself down, I remember Lauren and I remember that I am not alone and I remember that if I work hard and remain confident I can reach a high level like she has."  

We love Ameenah's perspective, and how she has worked to be the best athlete she can be despite the hurdles she has faced.  Welcome to the ASIYA Athlete family, Ameenah!