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Meet ASIYA Athlete: Zaakyaa Y.

Zaakyaa is a multi-sport athlete, and at the age of 15, has received more honors than many athletes do in a lifetime. She has been studying martial arts since 3 years old, and became a black belt by age 11.  She was a National Champion in Martial Arts in 2013 and 2015. At 11, she started track and basketball, quickly becoming a top competitor in both.  Last year, she was selected for the 2017 NYC Middle School Basketball All-Star Game and named a Elite Middle School All-American. In track, she finished 1st in the NYC Middle School Track and Field Championship in the 400 meters. And during her first year of high school Cross Country competition, she placed in the Top 10 in her league....

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Meet ASIYA Athlete: Ameenah B.

Ameenah has been playing softball since she was 10 years old.  Now 16, she is competing on travelling teams and for her school--with hopes and dreams to go and play college ball. "I love the game. The atmosphere on the field and the adrenaline just gives me a rush. Like most sports, it’s one that can help me in life -- learning how to be a leader, and learning how to work with others to get to a goal is helpful as well as fun." As a Muslim athlete, she has become accustomed to looking different than her teams. "I feel as though I'm being looked at through a magnifying glass.  Where I live and where I play, there aren’t...

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Meet ASIYA Athlete: Taj L.

Taj started running in 2012, and hasn't stopped pushing herself since then! Now an avid weightlifter, she inspires everyone around her to work harder.  In fact, she co-founded a running group in her hometown in 2013 called "Muslimahs on the Run," with the mission of unifying Muslim women through the sport of running.  Continuing to challenge herself, she learned how to swim and bike over this past winter, she is currently training for her first triathlon!     When asked about how she feels about being a Muslim athlete, she shared, "My feelings on being a Muslim and athlete can be summed up into one word "empowered" . I am grateful to represent my religion, and maintain my modesty while doing whatever...

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Meet ASIYA Athlete: Farida E.

Farida has been playing basketball since age 7, and has made it on to the national team for her home-country, Egypt.  Along with her love for hoops, she is also an avid runner, swims, and plays volleyball and table tennis as hobbies. Now 17 years old, Farida is motivated "To show the world hijabis are capable of doing so much!"  She shared, "I love playing with my hijab on court where no-one wears it, so when people point out a hijabi girl they know that her islam didn't limit her of doing any of this." Yes, yes, yes!  We love her mentality. Farida also shared that early on she was given a hard time for being a blonde girl choosing to...

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Meet ASIYA Athlete: Fatema M.

Fatema's passion for boxing is vivid: "I love boxing like it’s my middle name," she told us. Why? "I love the adrenaline running in me when am in the ring sparring. It’s amazing what your body can do when your mind sets itself towards it. I love boxing because it’s not just a physical workout but it’s also a mental one." Fatema is sparing not just for a good workout, but because she is proud to be a Muslim athlete. She explained, "I am blessed to be able to play a sport while practicing my religion. I am very proud to be able to represent my faith in my arena." But it definitely has not been easy. "I had so...

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